Welcome to our AI Content Creation tool. This tool is meant to be used by content producers who want to save time in research and produce high quality content for your readers. It can also be used to write essays and thesis or even your school assignments. Please be informed that AI is just a tool. It requires humans to vet through the content it generates.

To start using, enter your essay/article title. The AI will try to infer from your title and write content based on your title. So if you are writing a content about apple, do not just write apple. Apple can be a tech brand or the fruit. Give more context like 'Apple - the best fruit on earth' or 'How to troubleshoot Apple products?'

Next, you will need to select how many words you want the AI to write for you. At the moment, the AI can write a maximum of 1,500 words content. If you have 5000 words content, you might want to break it down to sub-topics and use the topics as the title

Once you have entered the 2 fields, click on the Generate button

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